Wasa Express in Hüleroed

Wasa Express has been playing in Denmark a lots of times. Hüleroed is a village we has return to the most. In the village the Hüleroed kro is placed. The owner Tomas is a very special, typical Danish, kind and quite vild person that has jazz rock, rock and alternative bands playing in his place. Wasa Express is a band that very well fits in here. After the bus trip that always has comes up with puncture, missed ferries and all kind of mishaps we always get a beer from Tomas before start the sound check. After that we installed us in the summer cottage we always stayed in. Very tight and stinky but we learned to like the house.

Below I have a video from one of the conserts at the place and some picture to illustrate the feel and vibe. And I can tell that it was always a great audience and a great atmosphere both on the concerts and beside the scene when we visit Hüleroed.

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