Tee Bee Project

Tee Bee Project is a forum where I work with my own music with musicians I like and respect. It can be to a concert, recording or to anything where my music can be played.


New album released that´s "Akasa"

with my "Tee Bee Project"

The musicians on the recording of the album "Akasa" are:

Jonas Waldefeldt - drums / Akasa, Raspberry pizza, Soulmate, Damanda

Magnus Brandell - drums / Blimom, Nonameste

Hedda Waldefeldt - bass / Raspberry pizza, Soulmate

Ola Johansson - bass / Akasa, Damanda

Per Bejstam - trumpets, keyboards / Raspberry pizza

Patrik Ajaxén - saxophone / Akasa, Damanda

Thomas Berglund - guitar, bass, keyboards / All tracks

Producer and Music mixing - Thomas Berglund

Mastering engineer - Ulf Börjesson


Here are albums with my music.

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