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Here´s the "Tee Bee Project" album "Akasa" that you can purchase from the digital download shop below and from the Bandcamp site. When purchase from my website you can choose to get extra content in the package. You´ll get the pdf lead sheet and backing tracks without the guitarpart to each song and four of the back tracks are from the mastertape. To the tune Soulmate there´s also the guitarsolo and all fills transcribed. You get an e-Book with all songs when purchase the full album. Web store version videos to Soulmate and Raspberry pizza with music score is also included.

Of course you can also choose to buy the mp3 file only.

The album is available from Amazon and iTunes as well.

The musicians on the recording of the album "Akasa" are:

Jonas Waldefeldt - drums / Akasa, Raspberry pizza, Soulmate, Damanda

Magnus Brandell - drums / Blimom, Nonameste

Hedda Waldefeldt - bass / Raspberry pizza, Soulmate

Ola Johansson - bass / Akasa, Damanda

Per Bejstam - trumpets, keyboards / Raspberry pizza

Patrik Ajaxén - saxophone / Akasa, Damanda

Thomas Berglund - guitar, bass, keyboards / All tracks

Producer and Music mixing - Thomas Berglund

Mastering engineer - Ulf Börjesson


You´ll get an e-Book with the pdf lead sheets to all songs when purchase the full album.



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