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- 5 June -


Mats Pettersson


- Time 17.00 -


- 15/16/17 August -

Santana tribute


- Time 20.00 -


- 10 August -



Blues picnic




- Time 20.00 -




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I have been playing the guitar since I was 12 years old and still search and learn about music and I think that´s the great thing with music.

You can say it´s kind of frustrating not to be full learned, but it´s also a great thing to realize that you have new things to explore.

For me the music is a deep way to find my personality.

When I play music I specially search for good communication, and if that´s not in the room I find it very hard to make music, but when it´s there you can find things outside yourself that you never thought exist. I really enjoy playing together with people I like, in the same way I enjoy talking and being with people I like. For me it´s just the same.

I have been playing with a lots of musicians during the years, and I get my inspiration from them. I also find inspiration in my children, my family, my friends and ordinary things such as a good meal with a good wine for instance. So my recipe for a good song is to cook a good meal, and eat it with a good wine with my wife.

Then catch the guitar and it´ll just be there!

                     "The road is everything, the goal is nothing"

All the best

Thomas Berglund


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